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16:10 PST, August 2nd, 7768. by agents of Vladimore Poopin

Reptilian Kara Swisher used Reptilian sign language to convey obvious and profound truisms before her superior, Commandant Reptilian Hillary Rodham Clinton at a Luxembourgian Advertising Conference on Tuesday. The challenge (((they))) faced was how to shove more bullshit into the minds of the domesticated Americans that were expected to believe their latest propaganda. Literal buttfucking Satanist James Jones from NATO GLADIO ANTI-MEMETIC MEME PRODUCERS (NGAMMP) had provided the mere semblance of authoritative conclusiveness that was desired by Sulzberger, Hertz Castle Donuts and other propagandists in coordination with CAPITALG.

The stated goal of the Reptilians was to present ridiculous examples of Black Power memes, Feminism memes and other Leftist memes in order to confuse ordinary progressives while deleting certain sock-puppet accounts that they had previously set up. Anticipating that ensuing tweetstorms would mine enough Monero to afford (((their))) trips on Lyft, they hoped to rendezvous with Ben Horowitz at Starbucks.

The Jew York Times and Washington Post were quick to convey the story: Unknown Hackers had used the same tactics as "The Russians" had in previous unvalidated Crowdstrike CapitalG BS reports pew pew pew!!!

Facebook, in the name of defeating bad actors, temporarily suspended Ashton Kutcher's Twitter profile. Regarding the gaffe, Reptilian Sheryl Sandberg was quoted as saying, "Oops, and no, I don't actually control Twitter as well."

Jade Helm 2.0, scheduled for next week in DC, will display masterful conflagrations of fake Black Power ANTIFA fighting any white men on location. Feminists will be employed to cause consternation amongst any objective journalists and rebelutionary_z Jon Zeigler will be interviewed by as many as five media outlets to say that ANTIFA was "marching peacefully". Also, the Moldylocks Piss Tape will be released at the same time, according to sources (who actually don't exist) who have spoken to the Lyft drivers of certain Reptilians.

Vandersonbilt Cooper will appear vertically at the top of Zuckerfeed and Dorseyfeed to establish the first narrative. Special advanced green screen procedures will not be noticed because his nose will not be videorecorded in profile this time, sources said. During a teleconferenced videochat, Cooper also said, "If Alex Jones is not removed from Spotify, I will delete my Hulu Premium account. Hashtag delete Infowars now." Debate ensued over whether he meant "#deleteinfowars" or "#deleteinfowarsnow" but Kara Swisherberg clarified that she would call Lady Jew at Conde Nasty to delete Alex Jones off Spotify either way.


14:10 PST, June 22nd, 7768. by Menachim Beginagin

UFNN is sad to announce this. Just kidding, we announce with glee that our political opponents have been caught doing something truly scandalous. This time there is no pizza or gates, these creepy old bitches are LITERALLY grabbing Guatemalan and Honduran children from the border and selling them to Nancy Pelosi's face cream factory. It appears that they - as horrifying as this may seem - seek to grind up the babies so they can try to get softer skin. The photoshopped image that appeared on the cover of Time had no relationship to factual occurrences, nor was it expected to.

Here is a random photo of Kara Swisher playing the panflute while having psoriasis that validates these allegations:


14:19 PST, June 22nd, 7768. by Menachim Beginagin

Here at UFNN, we have decided that talking is easier than typing.

this shit does get censored a lot, so here's a direct link to

For people who aren't censored, use

Stylistically, you may have noticed a change around here to. Spoiler alert, our shit is sideways now! We have gone to great lengths to distance ourselves from the crappy rag from the east. While their typography has been similar to ours for a long time, we hope this will remind you of our impeccable journalism.

UFNN has also decided to venture into motion picture production. Our videographers are busy filming and our writers are busy typing for the release of low-effort pictures. TRADEMARK LOW-EFFORT PICTURES COPYRIGHT IMMUTABLE BLOCKCHAINED RIGHT NOW 06/22/2018.

Especially considering that #article13 has sought to legalize anti-Memetic behavior, we have decided that we will begin reporting on weaponized memes more frequently. Especially when web designers try to outwit our low-efforts. In fact this article would not even exist if UFNN had not been cockblocked by useless email and Twitterscum as usual. We will decentralize and disintermediate the tepid and censoring divisions of the Anti-Definition League of Kara Swisher Psoriasis Foundations.


17:22 PST, February 22nd, 7768. by Kara Swishy

Dude sat down and said some shit in a hottub while he grasped at a super model's breast.


17:22 PST, February 22nd, 7768. by Chanan Kushner

Stop this right now Jeff Zucker. You know as well as I do that ratings are in the shed because of the millenials. but if you don't get a thumb on these conspiratards, I will burn the VHS. This is my final warning.


14:09 PST, December 1st, 2017. by ANON

There really is no particular image to post which might designate my complete disdain for being banned so many times. The last time, it may have been because I called someone a dumbass, but it was in a helpful way. And that is the loss that twitter is. It is a loss of time, and most of the tweets I gave out were banned under "unsafe" content. So essentially they probably weren't even seen.

It is fair to say I totally enjoy trolling, but if they can't even see my message, then how fun is that?

I really just go on there to hate on ppl anyway. The truth is, they don't like the truth. Most of em are Jews or interning for Jews anyway. This fap session called life has recently showed so many Jewish rapists and perverts. Recently it was adrock's dad. The guy who grabbed Terry Crews. and who else... even Elie Weisel. who I didn't realize was dead. As I gathered early on, I don't believe it is necessarily because Jewish men are more perverted than white men or other colored men. I believe it is just because Jews run show business and so many young pretty women run into show business looking for a break, only to get raped by a Jew. But what is your theory? Also, the lack of observation about the simple fact that so many of these scofflaws are Jewish was one of my leading tirades on Twitter while I was getting censored.

While this site started out as a satire about fake news, I find myself currently wishing to portray to the best of my ability the absolute shittyness of Jew journalism. There is a lot of shitty out there and I tend to blame Kara Swisher. But there are loads of other sleazy Jews, privileged Jews, lame Jews... and some, I suppose, are good people. Like Ivanka and Jared Kushner. But then the mobs of people hate them, so wtf.

I just bought $dash and I keep laughing to myself about how fked every other investment is, besides the top five crypto. The new channel Cheddar is like promoting the NYSE and Dunkin Donuts at the same time, I had a whole twitter rant on it that was funny, but it got censored. I had some saved webpages, but they seem to have been attacked through my comment box widget, which seems insecure and buggy. I am vexed between wanting to catalog all the censorship vs, just wanting to move on.

Stifling convos is so Jewish, so politically correct, so San Fagcisco, so Sili CON Valley. I just want to improve my databasing so I can record it all.

They threw another fool under the bus, the interrupting douche from the Vanity Fair dais. He is referred to in the comments below.

Ultimately, it is a gaggle of dumbfks who are not even promoting valuable assets. All their shit will go bankrupt. I really do enjoy watching it though, and the ethical gyrations they undertake. True, it is pretty lame to be a troll, but I think it's lamer to be them, and that is why I love trolling so much.

I kept thinking I was going to sell my bitcoin and ride down to WEHO to try to join in on show biz again, but post-Weinstein I just have this recurring realization that it is unnecessary to go to LA. I have the most fun on twitter, where it seems like Silicon Valley, Hollywood and NYC all meet. My main goal has been to declare or debunk "Normative Ethical Declarations" and to promo xdrcft. plus just to be a Nazi. Make Nazis Great Again. The Jews faked the Holocaust and they rape the actresses in their shows. Fuck em.

so I'm trying to save bitches, but "all lines of distribution are owned except our own".

tata for now

I noticed they artificialized an algo with NED4. searching xdrcft on bing brought up NED4 apropos no relation to xdrcft (except uploader). may be evidence of stacking for certain bureaucracies.

yeah being censored sucks. maybe I'll try to stop swearing on twitter or stop typing Jew or stop tagging Kara Swisher. she is such a grumpy cunt. I guess she had to move home to her mom or something. she *is* a millennial.


17:20 PST, November 20th, 2017. by Adolph XDRCFT

Kirsten Green addressed a whole bunch of Jews and lesbians today and said, "More women need to manage venture capital funds" while yo-yoing. "Women historically have spent all of men's money anyway, so now we need to spend more." She also announced that she now had an African-American man. "He is African-American," she confirmed.

Is she a Jew? UFNN does not know, but considering that she is on recode and a billionaire, the answer is probably. Please leave a comment down all the way down in the new comment box if you know.

Mz. Green did not immediately respond to my tweet from my unbanned twitter account. The twitter account has two followers, which has been used by one fake journalist to suggest that my offerings are not worthy - evidence of the chilling effect that Twatturd has caused upon his brain. My last account had 25 followers.


11:31 PST, November 20th, 2017. by Adolph XDRCFT

The worst thing about recode is that they are total shills for lyft. I guess that partially explains why they were so anti-uber this year. but to think they actually work for lyft and how much do you think they get paid. what a boondoggle.

I looked at their website and I suddenly realized how tacky all those ads are. probably bc I have been designing this site and as you can see, there are no ads.

I'm going to barf up more criticism of recode and their nasty anti-white anti-male Jewishness, but before I do, I'm going to relax and listen to my tunes.

for some reason I love to hate them. here is my gift to you even though you are shitty or associated with shitty: crypto is outperforming all of FAANG. I forgive you for being shitty, snobby liberals. I suppose I was sort of like you once.

TESLA allegedly fostered a racist work environment. funny. that is why I made a picture that said "nigger" in TESLA font. TSLA, AMZN & APPLE don't even come close to $btc, $eth, $xrp. starting to migrate towards $TWTR is a dump. $snap is a dump. it's really just fake news fake buyback fakebook $FB that increases slowly, due to buyback with monopolized Jewish USD. still does not compete with crypto.

so, my gift to you was a basic breakdown of investment return. For Jews, you are remarkably useless and incapable of following the money. LOL, you're not even effective at being greedy.

Expect more by 15:00 PST.

201711201346 update:

hey Jews. wow, you are so scummy. this woman Tina Brown appears to be a British "lady"? conspiring with a Jew to sell liquor to idiots who click on the clickbait of The Daily Beast? you disgusting purveyors of destructive vice.

I like the warbly robot voice, because it sounds like she's crying because she can't control the fake news as good as she used to. Give me a big pot of money! for "local" news. We need it for "local" news. Give me a big pot of money or otherwise it could be any Russian hacker!!! we know they're Russian because the CIA used "code" with Russian words in it!!!

you guys are SO FUCKING DISGUSTING. I don't think you have shame, otherwise I might type that you "should" be ashamed of yourselves. (Look forward to my forthcoming essay on "The Origin of Should").

also, that article on "nepotism" seen in this superior video embed (finally a superior service to JewPube!). Nepotism! The Jewish ethnic nepotism is so astoundingly pervasive! All the Jews giving other creepy Jews shows and jobs, and then all the other creepy Jews doing their constant harangue against Trump! LOL! To even use the word nepotism is so presumptuous when it comes from Jews hired by Jews for bankrupt online tabloids selling liquor and pills.

ok, thanks for reading, you greedy vermin. you know I'm right.

[also updated to correct spelling 201711201438]

[also updated to correct spelling 201711201515]


13:39 PST, November 17th, 2017. by Adolph XDRCFT

I'm sorry the headline isn't more funny, but, please add food to every tech person picture with hands waving.


12:25 PST, November 17th, 2017. by Adolph XDRCFT

alternate image location (why u no?!?!)

mp3 of this article

I have included a link to a google doc below that describes some of my recent design philosophy. I started getting really paranoid when I logged into and saw that all my recent files were gone. I started thinking about keyloggers (((google))) & (((comcast))). Later, I looked up twitter on (((google))) and it said they were doing routine maintenance. Now, it appears my files are fine.

I tripped out for a while and found vivaldi browser, which appears? to run on chromium. Recently, google docs has reportedly been having problems, twitter has been censoring white people and I have been publishing some intense information. I tend to believe (((they))) are trying to shut down all free and true and anonymous internet communication. Sometimes I overreact, but in the middle of a moment like that, I don't actually know what is happening. Like, is archive being attacked? Has my password been hacked? etc. So I spent sometime trying to backup certain files that are important to me. I wish others would understand their importance, and that may contribute to the subjective delusion that I am being hacked or blocked. But then twitter did censor me and you can see the screenshots, if I can publish them.

Otherwise, fuck you. I predict that if you are reading this, you are skeptical and bitter and willing to search out everything that is wrong with me. But maybe that is just how I am.

crypto is ok. by now I am uncomfortable. I feel like deucing. I survived some heavy rain, no problem, but I am kind of hopped up on coffee and edgy. The students around me are fking annoying. Turns out it is Friday. I may include the day of the week in my future bylines? as day of the week is a significant factor for the subjective reporter. For example, Mondays and Tuesdays are usually quieter, and Thursday night through Sunday are usually crowded and active, etc. Generally this is true in most towns and cities I be in. Where be I? ask (((comcast))) & (((joogle)))

update on Peter Theil:

I like that he is reportedly confronting (((google))). btw, he is pro-bitcoin. y combinator and other silicon mortgage valley ops actually fund real estate bubble because they give programmers Jewish FRN USD but only if they drive in circles around Silicon Valley. 0 CW @xdrcft a few seconds therefore, real estate is inflated with all this "money". tech does not need this at all, as programmers can work remotely. y combinator is a real estate firm.


17:58 PST, November 16th, 2017. by Adolph XDRCFT
updated 18:51 PST, November 16th, 2017. [spelling correction] by Adolph XDRCFT

This time it's true. Twitter is a bag of blue shit. Twitter has a history of dudes that might be Jewish, one of whom associated with a son of a communist. Twitter reportedly entertained offers to be bought by companies controlled by Jews. Twitter hates white people.

In an attempt to placate my non-Nazi old friends, I attempted to divide the "offensive" content from the pussyfied, neutered content. After that did not succeed in causing my old friends to do anything noticeable, I recently became even more aware of Jewish perversion and Jew media control post-Weinstein. An appalling lack of anyone failed to note that the majority of perps were Jews. In fact, it was only Larry David who pointed it out. I like Larry David. I'll put him in the oven last.

Just kidding, I don't put Jews in ovens. Neither did the Nazis.

In an apparently unrelated event, Bitcoin Core (BTC) just broke the $8000USD mark and then typically retreated about 2% to $7819USD at time of typing. This journalist actually opened up my BTC wallet and donated to alt-right speaker Richard Spencer. After Twitter removed his blue mark, I found myself compelled to watch his speeches and I became somewhat of a fan. I may or may not agree with Richard on certain issues, but I am definitely disgusted by censorship masquerading as whatever the fuck Twitter pretends it reps. In an act of mild rebellion to Twitter's apparent actions, I tweeted to @BIZ "Racist Dick. How does it feel to censor people?"

My account was instantly frozen and a page said something about how my account appeared to be exhibiting automated behavior. I was then subjected to a captcha exercise that seemed to go on longer than other captcha exercises I've done before. I try not to do captchas. I logged in to another Twitter account to try to address the lame examples of cock-blocking, but I have received no tweets from @jack or @biz as of press time.

I logged into gab and felt lonely. I also became more of a Nazi. I am suspicious that Twitter is controlled by Jews. So I looked into it, and sure enough I was basically right as usual. (((Salesforce))) (((Disney))) & (((Alphabet))) had all been potential buyers of Twatturd but had been concerned with abusive behavior on the platform. White people having pride appears to be "abusive" in the eyes of many Jews who control internet and media companies. This broad and general declaration may not appear true to the reader, but I cause you to do a certain amount of research now in order to find your own opinion.

I found it somewhat desirable to update this publication and then I titled it "UNPOPULAR FAKE NEWS" in a garish yellow title image. My anonymity may not be completely secure, but I try to keep my identidy somewhat hidden, due to the fact that murderous Israeli killers are capable of using all nefarious behaviors to compel white people to bend to the will of the Jews that control America. As for commonly smug Jewish Americans who just wish to be shitty to me, I'd rather they not as well, but I know that my IP address shows up and that Joogle and Comcast could easily snitch on me. And I know certain Jewish bloggers and other certain assholes would have fun doxxing me and it wouldn't be impossible. That is one of the sad things about living under Jewish supremacy.

Many white Americans don't understand Jewish supremacy or are uncomfortable talking about it. I have unfortunately been forced to understand it. Merely by fact-checking many "conspiracy theories" did I come to see so many facts that confirm Jewish supremacy over so many "American" institutions.

Actually, checking my home page, I see several references to my name and some locations. I wonder if I should attempt to separate my Naziness from my identity? "Should" in order to protect my family and myself. Well, a long time ago I decided that to publish the truth was more important than my family or myself. Of course, I hope to remain safe, but I constantly fear repurcussions. Or "subjugation", as one suspicious acquaintance once called the behavior. Whether or not I was ever subjected to "subjugation" remains unknown to me, but the recent Rose McGowen revelations have caused me to recall times I was suspicious that Jewish mercenaries were after me. Coincidentally, I recently reviewed my first "book" and made it into an audio book. In order to better assess my personal history with the Jewish power structure, the reader would be required to understand some basics about my history. Listen to or read pdf of tHEgREATaMERICANnOVEL.

Until next time, I remain your Jewish Nazi. I love peaceful Orthodox Jews, and I currently claim to be an uncircumcised Jew. I am a Nazi because the Jews faked the Holocaust. I am a Nazi until further notice.


16:31 PST, November 7th, 2017. by Adolph XDRCFT
updated 18:52 PST, November 16th, 2017. [spelling correction] by Adolph XDRCFT

Twitter seems to be actively disrupting the hashtag #itsoktobewhite

Oh nevermind, they are just showing me stale old "top" posts instead of new post by default. If Jack Dorsey is not a Jew, then why is he such a pussy about free speech?


18:25 PST, October 10th, 2017. by romashka

Sometimes I feel like Doogie Houser... all day in surgery, I come home and reflect upon the day's lessons by typing on my computer.

I actually don't want to type too much. I am also seeking to understand why phi is in a pentagon. So I contrast what may be more timeless inquiries against the contemporaneous noise, and seem to focus on normative ethical declarations. How one "ought" to behave, or as we say nowadays on American Twitter, what we "should" do.

So one goal of my typing is to just cherry top the zeitgeist and let you do the research, why be redundant?

The reaction to the Dove commercial was so typically about "being the victim of racism". I found it particularly obnoxious that people were referring to a piece of motion picture that wasn't even complete. I found the nuanced statements of Lola Ogunyemi to be very refreshing. Was it all a social media campaign designed for maximum controversy? Or are some ppl just so dumb? IDK.

The #weinsteinscandal continues to grow shit wings. I prefer not to label it #weinsteingate . don't know why. Rose McGowen's twitter is outrageous and entertaining. I like how she is calling out so many A-listers.

I'm a huge 911head, I'm suprised I didn't hear about this 9/11 movie starring Charlie Sheen. It looks tame. His father Martin Sheen, is respected for questioning 9/11 on video. I guess Charlie is just coked up and stupid. Or does the movie investigate the truth?

from The Hollywood Reporter: Sheen said that just because he agreed to star in the film, he hasn't abandoned all his earlier doubts about what caused the towers to come down. "I was not just coming up with stuff about 9/11," he says. "I was parroting those a lot smarter and a lot more experienced than myself, who had very similar questions. Not to put this behind us because, as brilliantly written, we must 'never forget,' but there are still a couple of things just rooted in simple physics that beg some measure of inquiry. But [9/11] is not about condemning or criticizing anyone involved. If anything, it is about honoring the fallen as well as the survivors."

Now I'm wondering about the timing of the weinsteinscandal . It was only a week or so ago that Disney announced that Netflix wasn't buying their shit anymore, right?

Someone else suggested that Miramax had stopped buying ads at the Jew York Times.

I actually don't think these old soap ads are racist, I think they are kind of cute and quaint. I wonder if people looked at them with a little more innocence if they might not agree. But I'm sure that makes me a Nazi to them. BTW:

When i first read "Ronan Farrow" was the reporter of the new yorker article, I assumed in my head it was Dylan Farrow. and i thought, wow they're going to trot out Woody Allen's accuser to comment on Weinstein? then I realized i was off. as i recall, Ronan Farrow supports Dylan Farrow's accusations against Woody Allen. I find her allegations to be incredible, as in dubious.

but clearly, there is something strange about raising a son to call Woody Allen dad when he is clearly the son of Frank Sinatra. I don't know their family at all, but some simple honesty from Mia Farrow might be the starting point for more honesty in the family. but it's really none of my business. That is another thing that bugs me about these scandals. Why do they seem to be my business? Or anybody's business? Is it because we are all such fans of motion pictures and the producers of these motion pictures are now our business?

Sad. stay tuned.


16:18 PST, October 9th, 2017. by romashka

Not sure exactly why, but i have some theories. Is it because everyone that is now outraged went along with it all and were either paid off by Weinstein or should have spoken out earlier? That might be a stretch... like your cheek when you blow a producer.

Is it because fat racist fucks like Seth Rogan are now becoming very understanding and empathetic all of a sudden?

Is it because my meme about him and Weinstein makes no sense unless you know that Weinstein is accused of masturbating into a potted plant?

Is it because I think Rose McGowen is just a scandalous, manipulative ho?

Why don't a bunch of hos actually start directing their own movies? Is there too much labor involved in that?

I absolutely detest the generalized announcement that "men need to" do anything. That is a huge slander against all the men who are not Harvey Weinstein or Casey Affleck or Matt Damon. Rose Mcgowen has failed to respond to my tweets in a timely manner regarding why she did not report the alleged Weinstein incident to the Los Angeles Police Department. but a couple old ladies on twitter suggested that she had already referred to this. If she would like to respond to this criticism, she may. It is hard to tell if she saw my tweets, especially because Twitter keeps censoring me after I tweet "fuck you" or "fuck you lying nepotistic Jews" more than once.

In the middle of the hategasm about Weinstein, I came across a story about a man I had never heard of before, Dan Blizerian.

I was going to type some exposing feelings about how i really want to be like that guy (when he's not running like a bitch from a fake machine gun sound) but my hosting situation keeps failing, so I'm burnt on producing a record.

The fact is, Dan Blizerian has a much better job than me:

I really want to drive boats and take pictures of surfer girl buttholes.

So i can sum this up. I've been obsessed with the Weinstein story because I like to fancy myself as an executive producer. But when I saw Dan Blizerian's Instagram, I felt deeply uncomfortable with the fact that while I dream of being a pimp, i am nowhere near his pimpdom.

but his instagram profile proves that there are tons of juicy, slutty chicks who will be totally juicy and slutty if you give them enough money or boats or champagne. and this reminds me of what I typed earlier:


18:24 PST, October 5th, 2017. by Jack Doorstopsky

Audience members were stunned at a TED Talk today when Kara Swisher attempted to inseminate herself on stage. She had forgotten the man juice though and scientists are debating whether or not she will become pregnant. 97% of scientists believe that man-made babies are not real, so it seems likely that we will have an update within several weeks. But she probably stopped menstruating a decade or so ago. Jewish comediennes are still asking why there are "men" in menstruation, but there is no conclusive joke. After the TED Talk, Kara waved her hands a lot more, but only to emphatically emphasize things over and over that she deemed to be obvious. Unable or unwilling to actually program computers herself, she became homeless all of a sudden.

Kara was also seen riding MUNI buses and holding a dirty crumpled up dollar. She was saying to herself, "why am holding this dollar. why am holding this dollar." She then got on the bus to Twitter that was subsidized by Ed Lee.

If you see Kara in a bush, please do not give her any dirty dollar bills. Her friends are asking anyone who finds her to call the hate whitey hotline.

"We just want her to get back to dictating how the web should be," said colleague Lauren Goode. "She's so good at doing that."

Conspiracy theorists have suggested that she use bitcoin, but it is too late for her.


13:52 PST, October 6th, 2017. by romashka

I have not had a car in about ten years. Twitter ad spam is completely 100% bonkers and useless.

torrent of my twitter account until 20171006 plus advertiser list

zip of my twitter account until 20171006 plus advertiser list

torrent of recent screencast video regarding twitter censorship

direct mp4 file of recent screencast video regarding twitter censorship


14:28 PST, October 6th, 2017. by romashka

Shit's tough out there. Shit is tarded, k? But clearly this shows that hos were willing to blow a "fat, rich Jewish guy" (his words, not mine) for their juicy "professional" roles in productions of fiction.

The fact that the Jews didn't report on any of this shit until about twenty years after it happened proves that they are unconcerned with lecherous, sleazy fucks as long as they are Jewish. If they are Scottish, they will lambast for years and years and years.

Fuck the hypocritical Jews and gold-digging hos who pretend that acting is really not just being a call girl you cunts.


14:33 PST, October 6th, 2017. by romashka

She is good looking and I want to look at her butthole while I penetrate her as deeply as possible. Of course, it would have to be a consensual arrangement, or else I would not do it.

But you know how women are. If I have enough bitcoin, I will probably be able to fuck her. I might even ask her to make me some sushi.

These are good times for crypto heads, but alas, I do not hodl enough bitcoin probably to fuck this wench.



4:13 PST, October 5th, 2017. by Sheryl Sellssand

Facebook had initially declined to share copies of the ads, saying it would compromise user privacy, but Zuckerberg announced a reversal of that decision on Sept. 21. "I don't want anyone to use our tools to undermine democracy. That's not what we stand for," Zuckerberg said in a Facebook Live video. "Personally I think the idea that fake news on Facebook, which is a very small amount of content, influenced the election in any way - I think that is a pretty crazy idea," Zuckerberg said during a tech conference last November. "Voters make decisions based on their lived experience. Now serving pastrami on rye." Zuckerberg has since walked back from those comments.

"Calling that crazy was dismissive and I regret it. This is too important an issue to be dismissive," he said Wednesday in a post responding to a tweet from Trump in which the president said Facebook has always been against him. Facebook also has been a vehicle for hateful and violent posts. In August, when Heather Heyer was killed after a car allegedly driven by a white supremacist plowed into a crowd of counterprotesters in Charlottesville, Facebook said it had removed posts celebrating the 32-year-old woman's death. No word yet on when the Jews will start reporting that niggers with baseball bats were smashing in the windows of James Alex Fields Jr.'s car during the accident. Some Jews have even said, "If niggers were smashing in my car windows, I would have floored it too!" But Lena Dunham personally instagrammed them and asked them to tow the line. A particularly nasal Jew named Jon Zeigler was at the scene of the crime in Charlottesville and he repeated over and over that the protestors were peaceful, which is directly contradicted by the video evidence.

Last week, Twitter said it had shut down 201,000,000 accounts linked to the same Russian operatives that bought political ads on Facebook, and that Kremlin-tied accounts had spent $274,100,000,000 in ads on its platform in 2016.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg are unlikely to testify before Congress early next month, when Facebook will face a grilling on how Russia-based groups used the company's ad-buying technology to influence the 2016 U.S. election, a Jew familiar with the situation told xdrcft. "Yeah this is really a dog and pony show, so no one is personally being subpoenaed and Mark Warner is a Shabbos goy."

notice from the producer:

help help, all the other websites have censored me.

please read me.


(all contents copyrighted 2017. no reprints, no screenshots, no nothing, nada. violators will be rubbed by Weinstein.)!wnpmkTiJ!15DVmH6bSg-W2TiZjokJHQ

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